A simple, robust cold wallet with auditable true random number generation.

Paradigm Key


Our flagship product is the ultimate solution to generating true random numbers and storing them in a way robust against extreme conditions.

The Paradigm Key is a cold wallet that contains all the essential provisions to safe guard your Bitcoin. Most notably we place verification in your own hands by way of dice to drive the key’s entropy.

 Prioritizing not only security but also user experience. The wallet features a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both experienced investors and newcomers to the crypto space.

Regardless of your level of expertise, our wallet caters to your needs.


Paradigm Key Starter Pack


Paradigm Key Identity Pack



Many cold wallets on the market are not robust to harsh conditions such as deforming pressure, heating followed by a fireman’s hose cool down. Tiles are scattered, plates are deformed and information is lost. Jameson Lopp has empirically tested a number of cold wallets and determined the best form factor a cold wallet should adopt. We’ve endeavoured to implement each one of these points. Our plate is a single chunk of stainless steel 316L that has a small but thick form factor. The plate already has the required information deeply inscribed for you to decode your center punches.

True random number generation can be hidden behind layers of complexity that is not easy to audit. Many hardware wallet companies throw the ball over the wall by paying a specialized company to certify their random number generation process. Meaning you need to trust them. That specialized company can only verify the specifications and the implementation of the specific hardware they have. Can you trust that the hardware wallet you have in your hands actually implements the standards marketed? For the paranoid, the only way forward is using dice to generate random numbers.

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